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To achieve optimized energy bill The aim of ECONELEC® is to help the new forms of power consumption, coming from increase has been registered equipment with electronic components and lighting systems, such as LED, achieve the highest standards of energy efficiency, ensuring the best operation. With incorporation of ECONELEC® is obtained to eliminate the problems […]

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Major advances in energy efficiency  The Energy Saving System ECONELEC® stands for a progress that directly affects the corporate savings and a wide range of businesses, with a significant reduction in electricity bills and energy consumption. These equipments also contribute to the development of a sustainable future, with a decrease in CO2 emissions to the […]


• Eliminates Reactive Energy consumed. • Reduces consumption between 5% and 20%. • Reduces Maximum Power demanded between 3% and 10%. • Decreases the harmonic distortion of load. • Improves the wave form voltage facility.

Aener Energy

AENER ENERGIA was established in Madrid (Spain) in 1994 as a manufacturer of power capacitors, automatic capacitor banks and equipments related to the quality of the electrical networks, like UPS’s and voltage stabilizers. From the start of our activities we endeavoured to bring to the market those technical and commercial values that many competitors were […]


The Spanish company Aener Energia has developed the Energy Saving System, ECONELEC®. It is innovative equipment that optimizes electrical installations and reduces energy consumption by between 5% and 20%.


Dear / friend / a : As CEO of AENER ENERGY SLU, I am pleased to give you a warm welcome to our website . Here you can access information about our products and services will also have access the exclusive area for customers, different applications and tools that we hope will be useful. Another […]